Freestyle (No Direct Topic)

I walked out my building to gain some more wisdom on my walk

saw 6 police cars parked outside of townhouse on the next block

just another day in my life to see the death of another

shooting a brother for what, to see his failed dreams in a slumber?

its hard to say why they take lives in this cold world of ours

it became an international pandemic like SARS

saw the man who fired the shots walking down the block quietly

even though, nothing was confined to me

I saw the inside of he, what he was tryin’ to be, and it was no lying G

trying to breathe another day without the proper oxygen from a tree

can’t say I blame the man for backing his life up

if he didn’t, then he wouldn’t remain tough

flesh needs to be punished in all different forms

I got a real military behind me, more than 3000 sworn

making this freestyle any longer would cause me to be a goner

I’ll sign off with this line, life is what I hold dearest, and the gold I received means there could be nothing fonder



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