My Enemies

My enemies continue to try and escape my reach

they run from me, but I come for them because this is what I call the streets

no fear on this side of the spectrum

I’ll separate their soul from their flesh as I pull the sword out their rectum

not trying to promote violence, but I know there are many out there who would like to get at me

for all of you cowards I’ll leave your bodies washed up and floating on the surface of the sea

never going to catch all of my enemies in this game we call life

but I’ll hunt some down, and there’s no stopping all of my might

these rhymes are so successful they are labelled a chemical

dangerously outrageously contagious mineral

I have everything down to a science, even the streets know that when I spit

no bad drinks on this side or unnatural food up in the mix

sometimes I could come at you with a rhyme that will make you think for hours

I rise, lie down, and bloom with the greatest of mother natures flowers

my atonement can’t be matched in this writing world, that’s why they deleted The False Reality Of Martin

already the industry is trying to assassinate my character before I’m even starting

I’ve already predicted all of their moves because they are the truest cowards

living off Satan’s help, and I’m here to devour their attitude that’s sour

bunch of fakes, jakes, and idiots trying to ruin the kings mark

I’m about to change the world and run the meteorological patterns like HAARP


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