The False Reality Of Martin


The book has such a powerful message they are trying to stop me from rising. It’s a shame that they have no chance to do so. It’s funny what the industry will do when you don’t conform to their ways. The return of a real novel really put the writing world police in a frenzy. The False Reality Of Martin did change the world, and this is concrete evidence suggesting so. If you haven’t already, go purchase a copy at the iTunes store, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords (PDF, Kindle), or Kobo store (if they didn’t delete my book from there). Happy 4/20 to all my weed smokers out there. Enlighten your high with The Dark Knight Ascends His Horse: my poetry collection. It’s now officially available for purchase today at all the same stores The False Reality Of Martin is. Thanks for the continued support, and keep an eye out for Ladies Prism, my 2nd novel that will be released sometime during the month of June.


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