Fake Politics

I don’t ask for advice because my vision has always been precise

if I get it, then I listen to better myself and become dumb nice

I saw your girls head, it was so dry and crusty it looked like it was full of lice

y’all little boys be running around in small packs like some little group of mice

when talked to by people who are real I have no choice but to listen

created a buzz so powerful, its only choice is to go the distance

test me and disrespect my character then your body will vanish and go missing

have you slumped off the highway because it was your death I was wishing

if I could have been stopped it would have already happened five years ago

the third eye was watching me while the girl I was with was busting it down low

to be honest their movement is the epitome of slow

if it wasn’t, then the green light wouldn’t be constantly on in my life telling me to get ready, set, then go

lately, I’ve been aggravated, frustrated, and angry about the quadruple murder

a white girl dies and it makes national news minus the burner

in the hood if a black girl dies they think of anyway to turn her

this is just the washed up reality we live in, that’s why my thought process is on point – you could call me the truest learner

I’ve been dropping street knowledge on how my real men can beat their cases

one of them blasted three heads off while they were tying their laces

left them under the evidence control with the detectives leaving no traces

this violence that we participate in is held in the highest form of being sacred

I just gave you a few thought provoking lines to read through the fake politics

snitches, cowards, and liars will never understand how to plead the fifth, because they live under the grimiest oath known as Molly tricks



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