Smartphones are designed to hinder the human intellect

the creators made this the beginning to their reign of terror, trust me when I say they ain’t finished yet

I remember back in the day when people used to care about the woman who was a stunner

now the hottest thing is a new text message, photograph, or tapped phone call in the summer

even the keyboard on the screen is trying to spell words for you to make your brain shut off

because if you learned how to spell properly, you would school the entire industry with illustrious thoughts

trust me when I say this the world would be better off without them

now people don’t communicate with each other while in the same room and want to be called women and men

how you going to play that bullshit to say your a real friend?

stop lying to everybody because you died off before you started to begin

nobody can face people and look them in the eyes

using smartphones as a distraction to become weaker than flies

this realization in my mind makes me sick and frustrated

there needs to be a new form of reliance instated

I could carry on a legacy to lead the blind with just my words

they may not be able to see or read them, but intelligence is what they reserved

I’m done talking about this subject, it’s as off brand as ripped t-shirts

hopefully this has instilled your mind with some thoughts before you do the research


The False Reality Of Martin:

The False Reality Of Martin:

The False Reality Of Martin: (Kindle, PDF, etc.)

Go purchase The False Reality Of Martin,which is one of the best novels out in 2014. The industry will tell you otherwise because they fear me, and deleted my book from


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