The False Reality Of Martin

I see that when I search the title on scribd: The False Reality Of Martin

it’s a pure indication that my account is just starting

yet, when I search the name on the engine

it comes up deleted from library, proving to me they don’t want me winning

I know they are just mad because I produced a real novel that will be as legendary as a Shakespeare sonnet

slowly, my book is on the rise like a cosmic comet

nobody had to put me on for my success to be imminent

I put myself on, and believed in my dreams that remain truly militant

when I say militant I’m not referring to that dingy industry definition

I’m referring to not backing down from anyone, even if it’s against my intuition

self taught, not self bought, like the game Mario I left the writing world shell shocked

they just stuck in their cocoon trying to evolve, while I’m building a team of killers to devour the snakes and leave them mobbed

these mind games the industry presents me isn’t going to stop my 2nd novel from building on elevation

Ladies Prism will be so sought out, it will have its own space and satellite station

my writing is taken very seriously as the truest oath to God

don’t ever try to label my work as a fools errand or façade

the number one spot on iTunes is calling my name

I wouldn’t have it any other way before I came into this game

The False Reality Of Martin:

The False Reality Of Martin:

The False Reality Of Martin: (Kindle, PDF)

Stay tuned for my post tomorrow called: I Conjure A Rhyme. It’s been written for awhile now and it’s time to reveal it to the viral world.



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