Writing Tips

If somebody tells you they can teach you how to write

its a real lie, don’t listen to them because your better off living to do or die

writing tips are for those who follow gimmicks, publicity stunts, and trends

don’t think it will help you improve that much to give you a win

there’s nobody out here who can teach me to become better

I teach myself and listen to others because the deepest thought is what I endeavor

writing promoters, bestselling authors, and agents follow my work

if they try to jump into my trap then I’ll have to put in twork

twork is another slang term for a homicide in my enterprise, but I make my best effort to remain peaceful

at the end of it all, everyone will finally discover they are equal

be your own agent, manager, promoter, and writer because it’s your choice

if you let them run you, don’t think for a second that your writing will reflect your voice

everyone has their own path in this writing world so think wisely

if you want to rise up then use your manners and act kindly

don’t try to knock off the next man or women by deceitful means

if you do, then your living how they taught you to pursue the American Dream

I read a lot of the upcoming successful writers who are making a name for themselves

all I see is them following suit to gain a little wealth to ultimately damage their health

eventually that will come back to bite you, not entice you

when it does, I’ll be the one laughing saying: that’s right, fool

I’m not wishing bad thoughts on any of y’all, but your not being real

soon your career path will become an endangered species like a seal

lately I’ve been putting out simple rhymes

once I go into deep it doesn’t get a reaction like what’s read inbetween the lines

The False Reality Of Martin alone will teach you to be a better person

not this writing focused on young teens that needs to overcome its timely exertion

I can understand why the writing world doesn’t want me to have an input or a part

I knocked off their main cash cows because I was already rich right from the start



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