My Novels

My novels will always stand out like the lamppost on the corner

nothing to fear in this life but what I say because I’m a warner

Ladies Prism is going to make the ladies wet

not referring to the erotica, just speaking about my words that will stick to their court like tennis with the net

what I recite cannot be replaced or disgraced, unwavering hate is what I escape to form the highest debate

and my debate that I’m forming is just proving the characters I write about will pass heavens sea gate

the reason why I call it a sea gate is because every single living organism on this planet derives from water

without consuming it your life and essence will be a goner

The False Reality Of Martin will be on the number one spot in the iTunes store

could even be placed on other number one spots because my book travels like it’s on tour

just a few facts I’m stating that are yet to come true

but once they do I’ll be placed in a high position like the feeling you get off smoking that goo

I wake up everyday with enough anger to commit a genocide with my bare hands

thankfully God has graced me with the transference of energy to make it relate in my novels to my fans

sit back and listen, soak in the wisdom with excellent precision to know I’m making a difference by living

if you decide not to listen then it will be one of your biggest mistakes that you could never find fitting

creating puzzles and solving them with the words bled onto the page

ink runs through my veins, and it’s the philosophical words I crave




2 thoughts on “My Novels

  1. The anger is always there, but constantly gets converted into positive vibes. Thanks for the comment. And I’m glad I did. Hopefully, there will be more times to come.


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