Captured Queens

I’ve captured queens in my past that left me feeling calm

their boyfriends deserved it because they reincarnated the life of uncle tom

captivated your girl and had her in my palm

then you whined for her back while shedding tears to your mom


you may be asking how do I know your deepest fears?

it’s simple, when you said you were going to kill me over the internet I felt the tears

when you witnessed my flesh you had to ask me who I was – talk about notion of the queers

I took one look at you and saw the epitome of weakness as I heard the trash fly out of your ears


just know if that you had of stepped to me I would ended your life quietly with your best friend standing next to me

your blood would have seeped out your skull without no hazardous weaponry

then everyone who you thought had your back while you were alive would be begging me to let it be

you better be happy I let you walk to live another day because you didn’t test a G


I’m one of the few truest breed of writers who would stab, fight, shoot, or kill passionately first

annihilate your scheme as I watch your corpse move away in the hearse

all of these writers are softer than the young adolescent girls who are learning how to twerk

watered down vigilantes tormented by the stain on their soul and their shirt


my clique is tighter than a girls virginity

the writing I encapsulated is my destined remedy

that’s why when you read it all of your actions become finicky

I’ll have to come three times as hard like blade: the trinity


my 3rd novel will make that mark in the writing world without a doubt

won’t reveal anything about it, except that it’s a mystery/thriller destined to eliminate all the clout

The False Reality Of Martin was just the beginning to one of the realest novels ever crafted and wrote

all of my words are the oath and definition of the highest hope





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