Literary Success

When you hear my name the only two words that should come to your mind is literary success

every dead writer spoke to me in my dreams from Leo Tolstoy to Alistair Macleod and left nothing recessed

one of the best to enter this writing world with zero gimmicks or publicity stunts

when I read some of the most successful bestsellers they follow the darkest suit trying to hide themselves from being a runt

not hating on them for what they’ve grasped, I’m happy to see their stories last

soon enough, nobody will be speaking about them, they will just remain another washed up story in the past

I have readership and fans from Germany to Hong Kong

everything that was dead right, you chose to make it dead wrong

that’s why you will never survive in this writing world where only the strongest timeless writers will survive

even before you started producing your work the destiny followed was cemented that your words were meant to die

don’t let the numbers on the surface fool you, soon to be copping rent money on a daily basis

the writing world police deleted The False Reality Of Martin from scribd because my existence equated the brittle writers to develop homeostasis

stopped them in their tracks, let them dangle alone hanging off the cliff with no stats

now the only thing left for them to do is tell, so they lying like rats

my 3rd novel will completely put me on the map to blow up without a publishing company

before that I’ll make sure to have an independent publishing company to get my book out in physical form, many have called it impossible like running through the sea

everything I do has a solidified reason that’s why you will never see me back down

I get more love than natives from their own town

travelled throughout my kingdom that is known as Nova Scotiaconstantly ready to ride

yes, I’m the king of the province without the queen by my side

can you imagine when she gets here?

I’ll be shining so bright with the white light that I’ll elude levitating stares


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