My Team, Goons, and Killers

My team, goons, and killers will send a bullet through your chest faster than your brain can recollect

I didn’t ask them to do anything for me because I will always go to war to fight my own battles, my mind is unique when I play chess, there isn’t nothing funny with the piece I select

been so official my whole life I never had to carry a strap, knife, or weapon

can get your whole clique doomed with one call, so be aware of who your testing

the only reason for my survival is my wisdom, now listen as I start the session without flexing

if you only saw and heard what I experience your entire mind, body, and spirit would become deafening

everything I put out is just facts from my life that I’ve endeavored

never not representing my kingdom that’s known as a province destined to stay witty and clever

some more ghostwritten rhymes to entice the people to be inspired, taught to never be a liar to conspire

Satan’s work was never for me, but when I look at most of y’all it’s crystal clear that’s what you require

another king from the block who’s been fly before birth

the goonies just love me because they understand what our lives are worth

they will always have my love, respect, and loyalty

we taught ourselves, each other, and family members that we’re royalty

times we’ve been apart for so long like I met my tombstone

keeping the distance is an instance for a mission to trick the feds that we’re doing wrongs

love in this nation amalgamates from the east to west

my crew is so deep they fighting with each other, but I’m so close with all of them I can see the blood pumping thru their chest

always been a peacekeeper to live a life of being laid back

would never hesitate to go to war because my force is the diesel like Shaq



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