God Given

What I write is God given

doing it for the baby mamas, deaf, blind, underdogs, OG’s, and the children who are no longer living

never end my rhymes with a period because that would mean my rhymes are ending

walked into the court case with no face–have you looked at who your defending?

operating by the DA’s rules

seriously, stop living lies like a submissive docile DA fool

theosophy philosophically a part of me, while constantly committing lobotomies eradicating the flames of hypocrisy

little boys indulging in sin on the block with underage girls calling it sodomy

nothing bothers me; except my own mind state of ontology because I’m anatomically chronically supersonic speed

thank you, God for giving me the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to be freed

in the past my ancestors were castrated decapitated aggravated, and nothing was elaborated

the industry fears me from that one line, it’s sad to say this, but their ideologies are falling apart like a high man who’s faded

reason being: I see everyone following their rules in complete ignorance

twerking, ratchet, and swagger are industry terminologies part of colloquialism

imperialism is still present from the history books as the vociferous is given 

breeding imperialism to see the populations ending

before these terms existed, many would go up missing, now it’s cool to tell on the next man who’s trending

streets are a complete mess, and as a writer I’m here to bring back the OG mentality

what the kids live now is the furthest life from reality

when someone say’s they are a God please don’t get it twisted

they are referring to their God like abilities, not that they are the most high so please recognize the difference

when my blog comes in on the search terms on Google it’s mostly unknown

my entire presence of words written can’t even be showing

just another gift I reap from the fruits of my labor

been stacking serious investments now I’m just waiting on that first royalty check to cash this paper




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