Most Hated In The Writing World

I’ve yet to become the most hated in the writing world

deciphering lies, living by family ties, left your mind in the dark like chocolate with the swirl

I was born to do this even before being in the womb

did so much much real shit in my life, I thank God everyday he hasn’t made me meet my tomb

The False Reality Of Martin will be number one on iTunes

Scribd never supported me, and I don’t support them because their mission is to consume

the truth I recite, write, infiltrates through the hype showing what’s right

fly as an airplane like Porter Airlines I’m about to take flight

crime used to pay my bills, now my hunger is fed by words

past could always come back to haunt me so I stay behind the ass to envision her curves

you live and you learn, nobody can kill me because I’m ready to slaughter

on point to teach real wisdom to my 1st born daughter



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