Letter To My Soldiers

I know you’ve been incarcerated for a long time

it’s been so long the system probably has you thinking your no longer sublime

don’t think I forgot about all the times we’ve experienced

courageously outrageous never delirious

I miss you being part of my team and not a day goes by that I don’t dream about you getting out

it’s not about spending time with me, I just want you to travel like the charges you caught for shipping product out on the boat

we’ve got some in the jails who desperately need an appeal looking for a deal

the judicial system will never help them because it’s meant to steal

taking away the lives of the great to leave them incarcerated there forever

systematically locked as their mission, but truthfully they were never clever

for the ones coming home soon I hope you are reunited with your families

I apologize for cutting some of you off, but certain interactions were meant to damage me

now I’m doing things on my own waiting to include y’all

when you come home and hear about me I’ll set up a plan so you won’t fall

believe me when I say that even if we never speak again I’m wishing and praying for you to have better days

another letter to my soldiers that have numerous tales of tears, blood, and dismay


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