Boys want to control the girl their piping because he knows she’s too benevolent

she’ll leave him in the dust while he continues to lack the relevance

better not let yourself be controlled by anyone

if you do then your on what I call a silly run

I’ll never run from anyone but I’ve seen a lot of people run from me

just a day in the life, and I’ll never catch one disease

I’m naturally sick with everything I recite

preordained to write, excite, entice, and delight

if you are messing with me I’ll give you your space

no dick sucking on this side because I ain’t gay, it just isn’t part of my race

not my racial identity–the race I’ve been sprinting through that gave your mind a loss of virginity

try to touch my movements and I’ll leave you like John F. Kennedy

everyone will remember me, but I’ll have to die first

until then, all I ask is that you pay attention and listen to my verse

I’m all about freedom so I’ll let the woman roam how she wants

many ask me stupid questions that don’t require a response

I’m actually free from wants just like a ghost who’s lessons are haunted

the ladies love me from my head to my toes; blessed with the calm wits

I’m not discriminatory with whom I get involved with

don’t come at me unless you clean like a solvent

if not, I’ll have to decimate your garbage

disposed of thoroughly, remarkably like a mob hit

explaining a few relationships I’ve been dealt

can’t explain them all because I need to remain stealth


2 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. Nice! I especially liked the line “not my racial identity–the race I’ve been sprinting through that gave your mind a loss of virginity”
    ~The Mystery of M


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