My Purpose Is Unbeatable

My purpose is unbeatable like cancer that is untreatable

writing so far out of this world I have people saying: “wow, he’s an unreal foe”

labelled as an enemy because my presence itself is a threat to these writers

martyr driven tendencies proven to be a fighter

same soulful feeling as Tupac, wordplay like Biggie

poetic flare and prose like Langston Hughes so I continue to be the best in any city

was a student of some of the best of our time

culturally embedded studies lead me to becoming sublime

so far ahead of my time the minute hand can’t catch up

every second that ticks my breath is doubling asking: now, what?

I walk around with that what now face and people accuse me of being mad

insurmountable instruments never replicating a fad

letting people enter my mind to leave with something meaningful and unequivocally unbelievable

my powers are a preordained notion that’s inconceivable

I take writing very seriously unlike you other suckers

every day I grow and become a little tougher

making history every second my heart beats

people been sensing that my style is unique

there will never be another me

be thankful that you’re here witnessing history of an undercover G

The False Reality Of Martin wasn’t even the beginning of my warm up

stay tuned with my movement so I can prove to you there’s no such as sworn luck


3 thoughts on “My Purpose Is Unbeatable

  1. I really like how passionate your writing is! Have you ever recorded yourself reading it? I’d be really interested in hearing how the words sound in the author’s own voice.


    1. Thank you for the support. Not yet, but I thought about turning some of the pieces I write into hip hop tracks. Eventually in time it will be an option. For now I’ll stick to writing. I need to take this one step at a time to achieve what I envision.


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