True Figures

The truth is that I only know true figures

when you get shot I sprint off the scene quicker than the bullet dug holes in your flesh, call me the cruel digger

my first royalty check is going to be some tough dividends

undivided solidified inheritance of the spiritually divine spirit

making things ugly is apparent

faces expressing discontent believing in adherence

I don’t adhere to anything, moving faster than nine cylinders of horsepower

2014 is my year of the zodiac as the reign of terror comes down to germinate flowers

many lessons taught under the oath of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding

fan first and writer second got a bigger name than Nick Cannon

blast you out of this world with my words alone

don’t make me grip the chrome put it to your dome to blow out the dead poets from your poetic home

catch me alone I’ll body an entire crew with passion

not following any trends, while you messing with superlative fashion

coughing up a lung because your hesitant to blast it off

superior creature nothing above me but God, so I produce nothing soft


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