Future Wifey

My future wifey will always excite me

nothing dicey or to take lightly

timeless, limitless, never unwilling to finish myths

striving for perfection but never wasting her gifts

she knows she won’t ever be perfect and I accepted the facts

has a 360 degree scope of the knowledge others lack

always on time with what we need to accomplish

hindsight so far ahead it’s monstrous

making me a stronger man to support my family

playing chess, making nuclear moves to do damage G

someone to grow with, workout with, uphold rich

not a woman you are afraid to rock a show with

serve her food for the purpose of showing her what she’s worth

not leaving her helpless like the womanizers who roam this earth

can’t keep a woman around unless you appreciate

alleviate, see the stakes, don’t let your ego feed debates

just one short verse to educate

better listen closely because it was done for heavens sake

not to ruin your relationships like unrelenting fakes on blogs, twitter, and facebook

social media destroys bonds with a technological rape look

I could keep going on about this phenomenon, but I’ll have to let you figure out the rest

don’t follow the gatekeepers because they’ll make you return with less



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