Can’t escape taxes because the colonizers need their money back

without it, their entire purpose would be like a Christmas gift wrapped

we pay them to support wars, and new political regimes

acting like beasts as we feed the machine

life goes on whether or not we have debts

if they get in my way I’ll decapitate heads from their necks

think I’m afraid of cowards who steal our financial means

hell no, because they keep teaching us to be soft as cream

if you choose to be like them then I can’t control it

my words are used to refine your mind because mine is finely molded

just another human being with a purpose to give

won’t die anytime soon because as I grow I’m destined to live

paying out a percentage to people we never see

locked behind closed doors asking for a fee

why should we be obliged to pay?

they melt in their money hot like a ray

the sun never chills and shines down from the sky

nobody is stopping heat while ammunition is moved under the influence of whiskey and rye

Canada’s number one export is ammunition

feeding the gun culture in America is their entitled mission

we’re slowly killing each other to make more numbers

majority of the population has their eyes closed in a slumber

some say my epistemology is deepened

that’s because before they tortured us I attended their meetings

marketing, selling human bodies for profits

little girls, adults, and men–what’s going to top it?

sucking blood out of our bodies to create more numbers

economically inclined as the drug dealers send out their runners

better do your research before you tell me I’m wrong

if you do, then your brain is made of metal like tongs


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