How I’m Living

How I’m living needs no carrying of the nine like long division

I back down from nobody on this planet–touch me and get an incision

viewing what’s left, while soaking in the last breath you’re breathing

gladly willing to erase those who have a passion for thieving

my life never changes, remaining true with the gaze

third eye was watching me until I placed it on a separate stage

personality has been contagious unlike any other flavor

if she’s beautiful from the inside out then better believe I’ll do more than just gaze at her

treating women with respect when it’s earned

living right, so in the future I’ll have my own law firm

vision clear, shit is smeared, talking so much everything comes out your rear

been living real life with nothing to fear

hindsight so far ahead my foresight is in another dimension–I can see that you haters think it’s dead

only God held high in reverence is what I dread, constantly beneficial never been caught by the feds

no crime done anymore because that’s the old me

know men where gun toting is their religion so I call them holy

I’m on my way to living nice without a wife

would love to have one someday, but first I need to prepare for her with a fight

experiencing so much adversity that I know prosperity will feel the same

redefined terror frequently, so I felt the rain



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