Paying Homage

I love my mother for an infinite amount of reasons

if you don’t love yours–you must’ve had a brain lesion

she wasn’t there for you when it was rough; there’s no need for resentment

can’t even carry a dime of knowledge, and that’s only worth ten cents

if she’s still around to grace your presence

use it as your strongest weapon

without her, it becomes harder to learn real life lessons

seats you choose to sit in will be in a whole other section

not VIP seats, the ones that nobody will see

you won’t be a real man or woman because you don’t possess the key

she could be gone out of your life or never part of what you had

if so, then try to look deeper into your dad

I know many who have never had any parents

that’s still no excuse for you to not know your bearings

fuel that loss to make you stronger than the ones who were fortunate to have support

if you don’t, you are a weakling with no retort

be thankful, happy, and passionate about those who genuinely care

using their love will eliminate all of your fears

that’s if you know how to use it

dyspeptic individuals exist religiously misconstruing what’s rich

girls twerk now and dress like strippers because kids are having kids

trying to prove it’s right to lie by saying it’s a fib

please start paying homage to your mothers

I’m tired of having to air out your noise like thunder




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