Master Wordsmith

I’m a master wordsmith that people are starting to acknowledge

dropping words of truth and acquired wisdom that isn’t from college

when I hear what’s bestselling known as “formidable”

y’all should really be ashamed because it’s pretention masquerading as art–horrible

philosophically winning for my future children while giving incisions

your mind got cut open with my words that were given intense precision

anatomically built, still aware that I’m sinning

nothing about my soul has a chance at reliving

doing it right is my price, twice as nice

finding my light is out of your sight; nothing you do is right

my 3rd novel will make all of you stop believing the hype

regaining consciousness taking control of your life

tough guy, not a rough guy with buck eyes

vividly envisioning white wings because I’ve always been fly

I would never say I’m the best writer alive because that’s subjective

what I will say is I’m the top of 5 dead or alive no matter who’s resurrected

my 1st novel was a splash in the sea to give back to the people

now my movement is on and there’s nothing in the writing world as lethal

once my 2nd novel drops, the waves in every body of water will be rocked

people hate on me because I left them in the state of shock

nothing matters but my family and writing

breathing each breath will always be exciting, enlightening, redefining fighting

without my pains, struggles, and youth I would’ve already been done writing what’s enticing

now I’m left with a pen to bleed ink for life, so you’ll never see me rewriting




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