Too Much Time

I put too much time in not to succeed at what I do

if you don’t think I take writing seriously then you are a lying fool

got connections for everything from ugly to the pretty

listening to your fears while my finger been in your ear like a wet willy

devoted to the craft, not in it for a laugh

only fear inside me is God’s wrath

time isn’t coming to an end

my presence is just coming closer to a win

success is what you work for and put in to deserve

the trap is selling white rock on the curb

I’m dead serious when I put my words out for others to listen

some laugh, others indulge while their watches glisten

I’m keeping it simple with no dimples

when I bust out my philosophy–minds pop continuously like pimples

the back of my mind is always against the wall

meant to get up, but was never meant to fall

I do this for the streets, single mothers, children, wives, daughters, aunts, husbands, sons, and the fathers

my purpose is an unrelenting truth starter, so cool, smooth, and never no fool because I’m a martyr



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