Next Year

2014 has been my year before it was here

during 2015 my name will be instantiated inside the brains of the greats, making my purpose clear

I always look fly in anything I wear

why do your clothes look like they are about to rip and tear?

one of my novels will make a million on the first week

hot like flames is the only characteristic I seek

around people who talk your business, any smart individual would call that a leak

been choosing to stay single, but believe when I say I can easily get those freaks

supreme mathematics put me in a new place of relaxation

writing effortlessly while producing unforeseen words that are stationed

that’s my kind of participation

never going to be stopped, I’m forever in the state of amalgamation

got the next year on lock because this year left the writing world in a state of shock

won’t sell out, my presence is priceless so I’ll never be bought

many will begin to hear of me after they get out from under that rock

knowledge itself is what I possess being self-taught

the rain can’t stop my drive from flourishing

it inspires me–gifts from God are always nourishing

every year is a new accolade achieved and acquired

think fast never purposefully acting on desires

won’t ever make enough money in my life to say I’ll retire

writing money is good, was just born to inspire



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