Physiognomist has always been my calling, never catch me falling

lost with your thoughts, that’s why you were stalling

read through you quicker than I read my first book

living life in stupidity like a rook

my judgement is a covenant under beloved sun gifts

trying to move life to your desires is a dumb fit

transparent adherent devil worshippers plead greed

my purpose shines so bright with good deeds

don’t get me wrong, I’m a natural born sinner that’s never lead to displease

dyspeptic apoplectic recollected checks used to mislead

everyone feels what I write because it’s natural

staying in the square of truth being factual

enemies even shake my hand showing fake love

God made his approval of my life but I can’t touch his hand because of the sacred glove

haters want to see me perish or meet my death

I realize every breath I breathe I’m closer to God, so I never think to reset

run up in my crib and cock your gun

I’m ready for what’s next making you run

I’ll bring a knife to a gunfight just for some new fun

your atoms apple will be cut before you felt the last breath exit your lungs

saw what I needed to see without any fears

looking at me dirty is just provoking me with your light stares



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