Instilled Mind

I have an instilled mind, staying cool, calm, and collected

don’t swerve through my lane like basketball you will get rejected

peace is always my first option, so I’m never flopping

know many who spend their whole lives talking

keep my spirit within reach like a virile beast

set me up, and I’ll have you beheaded before the meet

doesn’t cost me any money to erase a life

now I have you thinking twice–3rd novel will prove that I’m twice as nice

writing is my natural born tendency

beacon of truth for my destined affinity

studied science and law books so I wouldn’t get shook

never been robbed in my life and refuse to get took

supreme mathematics with the supreme alphabet is a deadly duo

if you remain stupid your only response will be: I can never get a new hoe

I’ve seen a lot that’s why my eyes sparkle

know life is precious, multi-colored like the best marble

never been incarcerated cause jail isn’t part of my vocabulary

topics too deep, what I tackle is scary

to all my real men and women locked up try to live vicariously through me

if you get out, I know you won’t be living boojie

when I get searched on Google I come up on unknown terms

been in a league of my own cause I know what it takes to earn



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