Criminal Mind

I’ve always had a criminal mind

regard it as my finest shrine

now I’m just a citizen with a criminal mind to lead

back in the day I used to sell weed

was never deep in the game but had all the right connections

small time criminal, but was never stressing

been in rooms with pounds of weed and guns to expand

the feds thought we needed reprimand

I’ll admit for a time I even sold pills too

wasn’t happy about it, but I needed to make what was due

never felt guilty about anything that I’ve ever done

if I did, the cops would have had me on the run

won’t get locked up because I constantly study the law

got people to supply you everything you need like a mall

just a very simple story told

my heart has always been pure, never cold

writing is a serious aspect of my life

every breath I breathe I think of a new novel to write

won’t rest until I’ve published at least 100 original novels

they will be judged harshly because I’m deep, unlike the people who have lost their marbles


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