Always Been A Boss

When I was an adolescent I used to kick it with the old heads

still skinny, but I’m always well fed

on the way to getting my weight up

playing straight savage tracks produced by gotti gator

many came to me for advice on life, asking what’s right?

I told them not much in this world, but still strive to be nice

they all followed my orders, but we still are all kings

equally respecting each other like Mike Tyson’s name in the ring

what I do is constantly exciting, I’m never tiring

if the gun’s in my hand everyone should know I’m definitely firing

too much to talk about so writers block isn’t part of my world

plyometrics, HIIT, and calisthenics never rocking a weight to curl

weight lifting are for those who treat bodybuilding as a sport

in ancient Africa, Greece, and Rome they weren’t going to Golds’ Gym, they were working out on the ports

nothing is in my way because I don’t place problems to burden my rise

used to be around men with so many keys we didn’t know which car to drive

following lies is what I call Satan’s tie

he is a wisher, whisperer, coward, and the truest definition of a lie

always been a boss even when I had no change

torturing bodies begging for languish, my eye sight is out of your range


7 thoughts on “Always Been A Boss

  1. Word up! Thanks for the follow my dude, I have to get active on my creative blog again where you followed me. If you’re up for it we can share contact information, and be creative consultants (just made that up haha) for each other. I’m always looking to share my work with new people and get as much feedback, the good and the bad, as I can.

    I have a, follow me I follow you policy so I’m now following your blog as well.


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