I’ve been celibate now for well over a year

that’s a record I’ve been holding dear

human beings are naturally sexual creatures

giving in to our lust isn’t our best feature

sex before marriage isn’t right, but I still did it

will continue to because my vices are indebted

practicing abstinence definitely has its rewards

not like getting with your first whore

summer is around the corner calling my name

time to find a woman who isn’t with me for fame

something steady, definitely ready to get it hot and sweaty

everything I write is heavy

deeper than the ocean floor, I’ve said it before

people know it’s best to establish a good report

when some of my homies get released from jail it will be straight crazy

high times like marijuana feeling hazy

what I do is unmatched in this writing world, that’s a fact

every molecule you lack I come back with knowledge to build stacks


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