Writing Frenzy

I only experience three emotions: sadness, happiness, and anger

don’t cross me or I’ll leave you dead in the closet like a coat hanger

many who would kill for me because we believe in loyalty

kings, and queens, not the monarchy is my kind of royalty

my writing never stops

it flows from my heart off top

best in the writing world, I’m unmatched

follow me and end up in a trap

lost too many loved ones to not succeed

y’all getting Satan’s help soaking in your greed

unstoppable force of nature, because what I do is natural

my oath to God is actually factual

Ladies Prism will move minds off this planet

romance romanticised so well you’ll say: damn it!

my breath is crucial and lethal

when I stop breathing I’ll lift the people

my writing will never stop

it’s everlasting like my pops

just another day enjoying my writing frenzy

it’s clear that y’all are in the shadows possessing envy


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