My Hate

My hate is the hatred of hate

when you think like the devil, you’ll slowly meet your wake

I can’t hate on nobody for what they do

I only stick to people who stay true

going to make this a short verse for those who have understanding

been fly like an airplane because I’m demanding and outstanding

people fear me, I’ll leave your body out in Brandon

I’m referring to Brandon, Manitoba for those who don’t know

caught you in Nova Scotia before you rocked your show

my goons will get you with tools and missiles

never had to carry a gun because I’ve always been a official

they are always around my way in my grasp

when I grip it, I’ll never hesitate to blast you so far out of this world I saw your past

my only fallacy is planning your fatality

it was my mistake because I didn’t act on it and make it my reality

no one can catch me slipping but myself and God

moving so fast I’m like Zeus with his lightning rod



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