I won’t get praise when I’m alive

people realize I’m too focused, so they cry

when I’m gone, I’ll be called many things

what will stick is historical because I shine like bling

know my family well, so I have family ties

everyone who knows me in the flesh is how I ride

some choose to point a finger in the sky

I point my right finger at my brain to show I’m ready to die

been getting love for eons now and I’ll be here until 3010

by that time, the world will almost have become a living hell

doomsday is always on its way in a form of greatness

it’s from God, and requires no lateness

my presence is impeccable, but I’m not perfect

human beings question me everyday asking if I’m worth it?

they don’t move me because their weaklings

everyone knows I’ll make them meet their death off these street things

my writing is timeless, endless, limitless, never going to finish it

rendering philosophical rhymes is my only means of dividends

maybe I’m a prophet, but I won’t know until my demise

eradicating every single lie, without a try

what I do know is a messenger gives fair admonition with great tidings

I’m striving for prophethood in heaven cause that’s the only place I choose for residing

nothing is written in stone or certain

just going to continue down this path of positively immersing the earthlings  


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