My voice isn’t going nowhere

what I write induces cold fear

my mind is so deep, that if I were to really speak

most wouldn’t comprehend, but only understand the beat

I had a vision of death that I would die in my sleep

philosophically speaking, I refused because I am the streets

what I do is for the people, never deceitful, or unequal

stopping me is impossible because I always provide a sequel

God made this an easy feat for me to write

exciting chromosomes for your delight

I’m a mystery man like Larry David

unidentifiable, government name of Mavis

I may be on paper, but my files are locked

CIA can’t kill me because their in a state of shock

If I get shot before the year 3010

I’ll be resurrected before I commit my last sin

trust me, I ain’t going until then

born to win, self-taught to swim

topics I touch is the highest form of trust, and most have had enough

I’m too nice, so their only response is: man, what the fuck?

Canadian hip hop artists barely acknowledge me

A-Mafia, Cassidy, Chuck D, to name a few are the ones who really follow me

getting noticed by some of the greats

your only mistake, was the color you guessed I would wear to your wake

if I kill you, I’ll take your soul out your body

when I’m intimate, I’ll do the same, never shoddy

I know life well, but the mysteries are still creeping

discovered some even after I was sleeping

there are still many out there calling my name

I know fame is overrated, so I’m faster than seven trains

planting seeds of thought in your mind like botany

never reproducing or creating monotony

Interpol has a secret file of me in their main office in Spain

I’ve memorized the art of war, always will know the terrain

what they do is constantly the same

untouchable as I feed off the rain

precipitation was my first post on this blog for those who have knowledge

college is like a mob hit so I’m jobless

this onslaught of rhymes proves my longevity

could have went much deeper, but I’ll save that for the seven seas  


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