Blogging (Part Two)

This blogging has reaped me a lot of benefits

even though, they think the algorithm to ruin me is limitless

wordpress team will never support what I do

they know how deep my presence goes, and what I’m subdue

freshly pressed, blogging awards, and praise is nonsense

nobody has ever tried to dis me with their comments

if they did, I’d air their ass out with my words alone

if they were ever to sight me, I’d send them back home by gripping the chrome

if not, my bare hands would beat them senseless so they could never speak on the phone

everything I write is crafted by one thought alone

why do you think I tackled so many useful topics

my eyesight has been so far ahead you could call it myopic

everything I envision is the greatest decision to continue living

my inspiration is deeper than 10 geometric prisms

nobody can match me in this blogging world poem for poem

bar for bar, sentiment for sentiment, this is what I’ve shown

anyone who wants to compete, to each their own

but they better know what their getting into, cause I’ll buy them out like a loan

writing is what I live for and I’ve said it would be my death

after death is what I’m worried about, so I never ask what’s next

chest getting bigger, never getting less, I confess

stopping me with tanks and rockets won’t even be a contest

I told you I’m here to stay through better or worse days

rolling up the haze, ready to die for anything that comes my way


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