Past, And Present

Past was rough, how I grew up, seen violence that cut through boys nuts

been born tough, was bloody for 5 months before I even saw life was rough

I always envision a better day for the children, my people, never the deceitful

what I do is unmatched, spitting rhymes flowing like philosophical scat, guardian against evil gene woes

drown me off the boat, but I’ll always catch the row

I’ll demolish them with a knife, my favorite weapon, she a mean hoe

I might talk about the chrome at times because it’s a bit quicker

rip you out of your flesh and put you in the soil like a grave digger

I’m not afraid to go war even if its me against the world, nothing will step in my path

laughing quickly, but dying to laugh while my brain mode stays intact

my wisdom is deeper than the black sea, actually, mastered me

learn from my mistakes, stories, and poems, I’m green like tea

always trying my best to do me, I only know myself, I ain’t no baby like stewie

my family does me, they love me, and are always high above me, I’ll have my mom dressed in louie

showing her she’s royalty because a queen raised me proving my loyalty

everything I make out of this writing I let it coil me, never soil me

my past, and present was a tough trial hotter than the sun dial

yeah, my name is Kyle, but I have many nicknames; always out in the concrete jungle, it’s wild

everything I do comes straight from my heart with no impurity

pure is the only thing I know, it’s what the grand jury sees

chemically my bloods been flowing smooth with no deterrent

technologically, I’ve been made no refurbish

I’ve been sought after many times before to get indicted

when I choose to step in court I’ll be excited

never been and don’t plan to ever go

every word I craft solemnly like one of the best shows


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