The World Knows Me

The world knows me like I know myself

some hate, love, but the truth is their just angry at my wealth

wealth means how well I’m focused–make you disappear like magic

if your ears heard the voice of my words, it would be the most lavish tragic death since Chavez

my following on this blog may be small, but my demographic is strong

most people in the world know I’m focused so they say what I’m writing is wrong

song for song, hit the bong I’m gone, my run is like a marathon the epitome of long

best out of Canada and that’s the truth

when you follow me, I turn around and shoot

that’s why I don’t care about blog, twitter, and instragram followers

you womanizers couldn’t see the queen, won’t even acknowledge her

I’m sick with it like the man made creation of aids

get better with age, legend of Zelda because I’m the seventh sage

my maze is a trap no one can gauge

God made it for me, showing me how to produce dramatic plays

better days is a never ending stage of ways

what I seek is hotter than sun rays, eating you writers like chips cause you lays

I’m waiting for someone to match me in this country

my kingdom is Nova Scotia, if you refute that you are a dummy

gambling always like a game of poker

writing Ladies Prism will have you lose your girl, as you watch me stroke her

man, I’m nice and was born to do this forever

blinding me won’t happen, what I endeavor is better than the smoothest leather


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