Blogging (Part 3)

Everything I do is effective

You can’t reflect my vibes unless it’s my eyes shining off a necklace

my buzz has been tremendous and remarkable

can’t be matched in the blogosphere, I even know the Harper code

I do this to lift and lead the world into freedom

can’t be dumb, unaware that you’re committing treason

one season is unheated, but the summer is still breezing

cold is what I write, but I’m hotter than every demon

I’m not scared to die and never will be

meteorology will be on an entire new plane when they kill me

if I weren’t unmatched, I would have gained many followers

a lot started after me, and have the city acknowledging her

many haven’t just acknowledged me, but allowed my work to sink into their head

I’d rather be standing tall on my two feet than lying dormant in a casket dead

international attention isn’t what I seek

however, I always find it like a bird finds its beak

naturally inclined to write more knowledge than the streets

outsmarting most; that’s why I don’t have a rap sheet

I’m looking for a challenge–I dare someone to come try and knock me off

if you try, I’ll pop you off, put you under the lock, my words will have you feeling stuck under a heavy rock

if I ever sight the person who challenges me, they won’t live another day to see my decree

floating in the ocean washed up–last nature that ever touched you was a tree

yeah, that was me because I keep it G

most don’t step to me, they just flee

I’ve always been peaceful since my bloody birth

just don’t look into my eyes, and act like your reading my shirt

I stand in the square of truth, I know it hurts

you won’t find me behind you or in front of you because I lurk

blogging is just another outlet for me to educate the population

women are intelligent; I’m big on knowing the pattern of ovulation

precipitation is pouring down because of Maya Angelou dying

I’m still going strong, one of the many who isn’t crying



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