Fashion Sense

A lot of men and women are trying to develop fashion sense

do you really think that is time well spent?

I know for a fact you may have a passion for fashion, but could never be a seamstress

can’t put clothes together properly, so you choose to demean gifts

how are you planning to survive in this world?

stuck in the fetal position with your fingers in a curl

I see what most do, and can’t digest their work

if I were to digest it, the work would come out of my ass like a twerk

step to me and get your feelings hurt

I’m waiting for someone to dis me, but they’d rather flirt

most of its fake from what I can see

black and yellow; dangerous like the fiercest bumblebee

my rhymes go so long they build bridges

architecture columns instill my ridges

reading is for the intelligent–not the dummies

are we in ancient Egypt with all of these crumbling mummies?

if we were, I’d still be the king of the greatest kingdom

not like the Pharaoh who chose to waste his wisdom

tracing back what my forefathers did is easy

I been putting on for my city like Young Jeezy

when I have kids, I’ll know right where they’ll be planted

my seeds have a GPS that fertilizes inside the womb; most can’t stand it



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