The Day I Die

The day I die I’ll have my three square meals

eggs, French toast, chocolate milk for breakfast, never liked the veal

lunch will be salmon, steamed broccoli, and a baked potato

maybe even a Greek salad on the side with some tomatoes

dinner will be one like no other

six courses, maybe even seven for the God number

I would get into the details because it will just bore you

the entire day I’ll be having visions of death with no sorrow

been ready to go any day, but what I write will always sway

always on a mission to produce like DJ Kay Slay

when the masked men knock on my door

my last breath won’t be to run away; it will just be to soar

the knock on my door will be just before dawn dusks

I’ll be praying to God, so he’ll forgive me for all my lust

two masked men will appear directly in front of me

I’ll dead one off, after my soul will be hovering thunderously  


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