My last 16 just gave the blogosphere a serious visual

never typical, my character is always serious and critical

money goes in circulation from my hands to others

it gets put in the wrong hands a lot, then it’s on to another

I’m not complaining if you have cash

it’s what you choose to do with it; don’t create a rash

this is probably my first post concentrated on money

reason being, I never woke up feeling more hungry

some will say I write for money to discredit my persona

they’re just drunk off weak beer called Corona

everything I write is from my heart for the love

gracefully crafted on still water like a dove

I come out with scary thoughts about many cycles

only cycle that’s natural is water–no, that’s not a typo

there are many others you could name out

truthfully, they still have a manmade principle without a doubt

I stand in the square of truth to teach the youth

most don’t have manners, they’re just uncouth

if they did, then maybe they could see the truth

I doubt it, because their minds are programmed to be duped

always on their phones trying to message someone next

if they put it down for a second, their mind would stop melting and rest

it’s an addiction, sickness, and disease

the girls lie down with many dogs and wake up with an infinite amount of fleas

nothing is better than that in their eyes

most don’t have aspirations; too busy caring about their boob size

if they were eating properly and exercising their body would become better

instead, they complain about everything to remain under the weather

when will the madness stop?

they probably won’t realize what was right until they open a new shop

this new shop isn’t a store which can be bought

it’s a shop of knowledge that is infinite, and needs to continuously be fought



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