You don’t want beef with a living legend

I’ll tear your soul out the flesh of your body because death is pleasant

hidden motives of money are your intentions

my name floats in fear, so I never get mentioned

been winning too much for anybody to step in my path

if you do, I’ll dead you off as your soul hovers above my echoing laughs

the blogging world, Scribd, and traditional publishing don’t want me to rise

exposed everyone inside and out, it’s the hate they carry that I despise

I’m going to be eating off my name, and my name alone

most don’t know how to do that–I captured a brainless dome

I’m not scared of none of you trying to start

play a dumb part, so I can leave you with a death mark

rocking what in my sight?

I don’t see anything, every breath you take is light

rising slowly like the finest bread

can’t define me because I erase every track I tread

health and vitality is what I live for

fecklessness mentality is your door

what I open is an eye sore

the ignorant stay in the shadows to abhor

if they came out, I’d give them everything they deserve

mark my words, every strength in my cells are on reserve

leave you laying out on the grimiest curb

cops won’t know what happened, so they swerve

beef is a joke in my brain

been trained to eliminate disdain from my frame

who’s stepping to me in this game?

nobody because what I write is scary and untamed

neurologically speaking I’m tamed and on point

even before and after I spark up a joint

striving for peace, but don’t test what’s left

if you do, I’ll make an emblem so authentic everybody knows your dead to rest


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