Existence was made when I swam through the fallopian tubes

most can’t drive their own vehicles, so they use lube

my genesis accredited features of the deepest

listening to babbling on the outside when I was fetus; blocked all of the weakest

was never feckless, just reckless

built to win, never to lose; my voice reaches the deepest infernos then blows up with my message

fire in my eyes that will always be above every demon

I’m tired of their scheming and fake believing

they may be hot, but their way out of my season

I’m a scholar who does nothing but succeed

not the best, but knowledge is what I always retrieve

Tolstoy spoke to me in my sleep and said: “keep it coming”

the writing world has changed, you need to demolish every career, so keep running

some of the greatest talk to me, acknowledge me, never bother me

my threshold for writing is so high there is no fee

never going to stop writing until I can lift somebody other than myself

you get dealt a bad hand, it’s best to use it to add to your wealth

wisdom will provide you all the tools you need to deal

keelhauling real emotions to make everyone feel

purpose is limitless

essentially reaping the correct dividends

penitentiary was in my past, but now I hope heaven is what’s last

the world moves rapidly fast, so my methodology is of the highest class



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