Fearless Soul

My soul is fearless under this sun

one of the benefits of knowing my God of understanding is one

virally, all of the algorithims or plots in the world will never stop me from succeeding

I read a lot of writers work, and I can’t find much that’s socially redeeming

I realize my message is powerful and strong

I’m just a human being who still makes mistakes and does what is wrong

my sins aren’t omitted because I admit my faults

if I kill you, I visit your wake in whiter clothes than salt

you need to realize what type of person took away your life

bickering, aruging, and demanding strife

the real want to see me rise up and be all that I can be

if you ask me, I already know what lies ahead for this G

give it a couple of years to make a mark

when my name starts to seriously hold weight, it will be a pool of knowledge that drowns and imparts

never taking no for answer

I’ve heard it all–will always be stronger than your fiercest tanker

I love to write and live for this very belief

when I bleed ink every letter, word, and syllable is reached

even those who remain ignorant feel my buzz

they stay washed up like soap with the sudds

sometimes my pages become out of reach with numbers

the populace has been chilled with apocalyptic slumber

what comes out of my mouth has always been a weapon

that’s why I’m never under the impression of impressing

keeping things close is how I guage war

mind so deep I can locate earths core

hoping what I do inspires the greatest to soar

can’t keep me on the hook like a fish with no lure



2 thoughts on “Fearless Soul

  1. Very nice poem! The rhymes were quite clever and I love your use of imagery. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂 xx


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