Real friendship is unwavering and everlasting

no matter where you are in the world, there’s no need for tracking

a relationship that never ends, and is always full of encouragment

a surefire pathway that leads to nourishment

one relationship that will always keep you alive

never having backseat drivers telling you how to drive

looking at each other in an equal light

knowing how to work things out together that is both wrong and right

when I look around in todays world, most don’t know the value or meaning of a true friendship

they front like their alright, but their spirits were never kindred

making fun of each other shouldn’t be a little game

most do it because their insecure and want a little fame

the fact that people do this to each other and call themselves friends

is one of the reasons why I’m writing this poem to show others where to begin

support and love is what makes a friendship strong

knocking each other down and lying is deemed wrong

there isn’t any such thing as a balance of the two in this type of relationship

if you think so, you just sailed away on the degradation ship

loyalty is priceless

honor is the nicest

don’t try to intimidate me with stupid threats because I bite through bricks

most of y’all are living scared protected from heat like the oven mitt

if any of you knew what real friendship entailed

your minds wouldn’t be stuck on one track slow as a snail

my heart is pure, there’s never any hollywood rails

mind has been so far ahead, there’s no reason to chase tail

I’ve had fake friends and real my whole life

now, I only surround myself with the real, so I stomp out mice with my first sight

the team around you can break you down or make you stronger

if you are naturally weak, you’ve been destined to be a goner

I value my friends who I consider brothers and sisters

I get so much respect people can’t measure me on the richter  




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