Progession for me is always in session

learning from some of the toughest of lifes lessons

used to be heartless, breaking females hearts

now, I grew from a prince to a king, always on time knowing where to start

my growth is limitless, so I’m always ready to finish

you start with me, and one look of my left eye will lead you to your death cause I’m a menace

most don’t want to see me keep growing with every step I take

they know physically and metaphorically it’s always done for heavens gate

can’t say I’ll make it to the place up high

but it’s where I strive to reside when I reach my demise, never by surprise

trying my best to sit with the one true God while I’m alive

sometimes I get so high off that chocolate thai

haven’t smoked for many months; the dro gives me flashbacks

when that happens people start to see the tools I carry within my mind and my knapsack

this 16 just give you a vivid image to show you what I indenture is splendid

building my name from the ground up minus the publicity stunts and gimmicks


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