Love Has No Expiration

Love has no expiration if it’s sincere

could even be strange or queer

it doesn’t matter how love is expressed

as long as it exists before your soul is put to rest

loving the idea of love isn’t the right way to go about pursuing dreams

cherishing love is one way, so you know it envelops every scene

walking a path with your heart whole

is much better than walking with a lies known as a story untold

don’t give up on love if you know it’s real

sometimes through the roughest situations its all you can feel

love is what makes my heart heavy

never fearful of going to war, but striving for peace is why I’m always ready

carrying one of the most incomprehensible morally profound feelings

life becomes easier with all of my dealings

you can never escape what was always there

don’t try to fool yourself; see the truth to remain clear


2 thoughts on “Love Has No Expiration

  1. Thank you for your unwavering support. I was wondering if someone was going to pick up on that aspect. Every piece I write I try to make its power limitless no matter how it’s read.


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