These Past Three Years

These past three years have been the hardest tests of my life

God has been testing this soldiers might

I haven’t fallen yet because I always get up

was born bloody and built tough

lost my grandfather to a stroke that I saw coming

didn’t make it to the funeral, but I knew his soul was in a place no longer running

lost Kaylin to the streets from a brutal beat down

when I walked on the strip he fell, the air was so cold it cut through me; nobody was around

I lost my brother Mitchell to an overdose that was well warranted

when his soul left his body, the rain came down so hard it was musical like a soaring riff

just to name a few who were closest to me that I lost during these past three years

my faith is strong, so I haven’t even shed any tears

this is just the life I’m faced with

sometimes it’s so ugly I’m in need of a facelift

I roll with the punches and become stronger

know the divinity of women, always try my best not to wrong her

can’t say I don’t because I’m only human

most don’t understand this land we’re consuming

hardest years of my life for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding

back in the day I would have lashed out, but I know everyone will get their reprimanding

pain is an abyss that I always deal with daily

it doesn’t stop me from running like Donovan Bailey

everything I do comes from my heart sweeter than a strawberry tart

if I were able, I’d deliver food to every starving child on a heavenly cart

there have been many days in my life where I went hungry

consecutively, not just for a few hours you dummy

I’m used to being presented with many struggles

I wouldn’t be who I am today, I’d just be ordinary like a muggle

everything I’m given is a blessing

still trying to understand a lot of lessons

things take time in this life to cultivate

my mind moves fast, it’s always in multi-states

when I was younger I lost a lot of loved ones too

streets, sickness, even while being true

trials and tribulations will always be here

if they weren’t, I would have never learned how to care

I’m just taking you back to when I was a young

in need to show you what happened before I started drinking the rum

without this part of the story you could never understand these past three years

gained so much from them, I’m sticking you with knowledge smeared

when I was about 6 years old

I could barely speak because I ran my words together so fast after what I was told

the reason why this happened was because my mind always moved faster than my physical

spiritually was always awakened, just didn’t know how to go about making residuals

now, I’ve learned how to control everything I do

without a rough start like that I would have never remained true

stood out always since I’ve been running around this planet

if I didn’t get what I want, then I always demanded

not trying to say I was spoiled because that would be a lie

I just demand what I want–without it there’s no use to try

self-taught a lot to myself

soaked in so much wisdom on every calendar date of the 12th

had some of the best teachers on route to my growth

germinated my nature, so every time the sun gleams on my face I sprout

equality ontology of democracy

knowledge possessed eliminating all hypocrisy

demonic touch and whispers don’t even enter my nasal

my 1st property I own will be so rich there will never be an appraisal

solidified epitomized dignified signified warrior up leading

loyalty royalty king of Nova Scotia always demolishing demons





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