Unknown Entity

I’m an unknown entity

my writing will lead and lift every century

mentality has an actuality of a tragic reality

never cowardly, backing my troops with the coldest fatalities

my search terms on Google are always unknown

reason being: the world doesn’t even know what my writing has shown

philosophically rapidly creating ill theosophy that’s like a rocket ship

blasting out of this world with heat that you could never grip

my presence is needed

I know my purpose is mistreated

when you speak facts from the ground up as man they treat you like gas that has become depleted

I’ve already made some of the richest turn into bulimic

trust me, I’m far from conceited, but have a strong vision envisioning the imprisonment of those who were cheated

every route I take on this road we call life is nothing less than scenic

when I drop a 16 it gives you a visual that will never be reheated

many can’t look in my the eyes with passion because they retreated

I would never say I’m the best

we are all walking on the same planet under the same elements taking God’s test

I do believe I have a gift that will last long after my soul gets taken out of my body

embodiment of riches, knowledge, and wisdom; nothing like Armani

identifying me would be like knowing the secrets of the pyramids

that’s one thing I was delivered from the one most high, people continue to fear the kid

never was one for cheap talk cause there isn’t any price

put money on my head, you’re slowly on the way to ending your life

I see everything before it happens, I was born before my time

got out four months earlier than expected–shit, I didn’t even pay a dime

most things were spoken for before I made my mark on this planet we call home

gifts come wrapped, and I’m protected by a titanium bulletproof force field known as my dome

I’m thankful to be blessed for the message I will continue to deliver

writers block isn’t existent in my world, that’s why I can see your lips quiver  





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