Marijuana Thoughts

My marijuana thoughts are on a brand new level

can’t pray when I’m high or I’m listening to the devil

in my opinion, I don’t care how spiritual you become

how are you going to be high off weed and know your God is one?

I’m not knocking anyone who does it, but I follow certain guidelines

I like to puff on my joint with some of that red divine wine

the sour with the sweetness of grapes is always nice

my thoughts soar into a whole new stratosphere with brighter lights

loving the feeling that surges through my entire being

even love the smell and residue it leaves on my jeans

genetically, it’s suited for me

I have the ultimate glasses on seeing what I’m destined to see

if I could paint you a picture

it would span so far throughout the galaxy you would call me the home fixer

visuals that are everlasting

so high, I can get violent without blasting

I’ll dead the person I have a beef with quickly

even if they think their sly and tricky

nothing gets past me when I’m floating

haven’t ever been high gun toting

I’m away from all that violence now in a beacon of peace

elegant benevolence like fine geese

yeah, my weed may come from the grimiest streets

but I keep my connections low, so the gun doesn’t have to reheat

I’m not even high when writing this

taking a break from the culture, it’s greatly missed

trying to get my life together

once I do, I’ll be able to smoke anytime whether I’m feeling high or under the weather

Marijuana thoughts keep me warm like a sweater

even if I were cold, there’s still nothing better


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