Piff Days

During my piff days, I used to sell just to make a way

was, and still am ready to bang out and slay

I’m glad those days are behind me, now I’m ready to fight

my future is so bright it’s out of the suns sight

getting so high off the greenery I didn’t think there was any better scenery

I’m only writing about the times I was high because I miss being at the top of the deanery

academically inclined, spiritually sublime, mentally divine

philosophically intertwined aiming to be perfectly refined

this is what I strive for when I’m high off the haze

hot as an infrared beam ray

can’t say I’m leading myself out astray

focused so much, I make my friends feel dismay

wasn’t on purpose, but this is just how I react

to the weed smoke–yeah, that’s a fact

this 16 painted a picture of marvelous wondrous scripture

rising up through life with my sisters


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